A process you can trust, to select outsource teams that fit.

  • Leverage our database of 6700 specialized software engineering firms
  • Quickly get matched to vetted teams with the right skills and experience to meet your specific requirements
  • Deploy projects faster
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Shortlist in your control 

You won't find a great tech team by getting
lucky. Our system eliminates misaligned
and unqualified contenders. We take out
the guesswork, so you can get to work quickly.

Teams, Pods, FAST

You can spend months searching. Or let us
find the best tech teams for you. Teams
who know, work with, and complement each
other. Teams that deliver results faster and
more effectively. Teams you trust..

Diligence, screening and scrutiny

You select the final team that is a best fit
for your goals and your team culture.

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Because collaboration means communication.


The right skills, the best references.


Get the talent you need. For the time you need them.

Time zone

Work together on your schedule.


There is always a Plan B and 
Plan C.


Speed? Proximity? Price? Your parameters, your control.

The metrics we check

We're rapid

Within 24 hours of
a discovery call we can show you at least 10 matching
options from our database.
Then we work together
to shortlist the ideal match.

We're reliable

Our global roster of tech teams
are handpicked, vetted, verified
and ranked. We check
accreditation and past
experience so you don’t have to.

We're reassuring

Our process prevents misinformation and
“bait and switch” tactics.
Our contracts protect your IP and our vetting includes Cyber SOC. We manage the business, you manage the build.

We're relentless

Every year, we interview hundreds of new tech teams. 1% make our roster.  

Rapid, reliable, reassuring, relentless

You have a business to grow, and need partners you can trust to get the job done.

4 steps to success

Based on your profile, we match you with 3 to 5 tech teams from a pool of 1000’s.


You select best matches based on your criteria.



We do more due diligence on resumes, and continue price negotiations until you're fully satisfied and ready to sign.


You launch your project.

Don't believe us. Believe our clients.

The next step

Just give us 10 minutes and we’ll give you 10 options.
But more than that, we’ll help you grow with confidence and speed.

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"The process of selecting a vetted development company through GTA, with the right skills and experience took us weeks, on our own it would have been months." 

-Carl Shamie, Head of Engineering, Finaptic.

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